NO-MESS bag - damask

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Product Description

when you're away overnight and you bring all your toiletries, there exists that risk that one of the bottles will explode in your bag and ruin tomorrow's clothes. i'm anti-plastic garbage bag... and this is no exception.

this fabric by amy butler is LAMINATED and is therefore waterproof(ish)*!

throw in some personal items: toothbrush/toothpaste, brush, hair gel, lotion, shave gel, shampoo, soaps, etc. etc. and transport it all together easily from bedroom to bathroom, and don't worry about messing up your travel bag...

this bag measures 10" wide by 9.5" tall and has boxed corners to allow for thicker items.

* i have had items break and/or leak while in the bag and sure enough, it didn't pass through the lamination barrier. but i guess i can't really guarantee it's waterPROOF because i haven't thoroughly tested it that way.

NO-MESS bag - damask


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