Jewelry Roll - Tree Peony in pink- Made to order

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NOTE: this item is made to order. please allow up to one week for fabrication before it is shipped. thanks!! don't have time to wait? see ready to ship items here:

i've been obsessed with jewelry rolls for quite some time now... it's SO handy when you're not at home and need a place for your goods. whether you’re traveling or you just start to feel strangled by your jewelry by 3pm everyday (i’m sure it’s not just me) and need to get it OFF, these rolls are a great solution. no plastic baggies (my previous method) or just leaving it out somewhere to get lost FOREVER... not that i’m fear-mongering.
ever lose one pearl earring? me too... heartbreaking. so this one has two secure zip-closure pockets for bracelets, earrings or necklaces, and a ring-roll for, well, rings. the ring roll snaps down so it would be hard to lose a ring.
this roll measures 13" tall by 6" wide and the pockets are 3.5" tall. tie it closed with the strings and pop it in your purse, suitcase, or even a drawer at home. the designer fabrics are from amy butler's lotus line and a layer of cotton batting is in the middle to provide padding.
this print isn't your style? please click this link for other fabric options:

picking unique and useful gifts for your bridal party is hard... these are a luxe item, handmade with love, that your girls will have and USE forever. see here for custom jewelry roll SET listings:

Jewelry Roll - Tree Peony in pink- Made to order


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